07 October 2011

06 October 2011

You can't feel it when you don't do it

They hurt you (by "hurt" psychological hurts sometimes are more violent than physical) because they are jealous of you - they want to be like you but they can't. They hurt you because their life are not at all in the realm of your way of life, so they completely can't understand what that kind of life is. But that does not mean you are hurt - it's them who are hurt, because every one of us subconsciously, though not consciously, suffers tremendously deep down inside because his/her intention is extremely negative. When you are sincere, well-intentioned, and never hurt others by your words or actions, you can never be hurt - you are blissful inside because of your peace, and you feel pitiful to them who are struggling with hurts they do to themselves by hurting others. Violence does not only mean killing another.

22 April 2011

Please, now, ask your heart if it should stop prolonging the miserable lives

I don't know about Thailand but this is an enough reason we should quit eating nonhuman animals and dairy and egg.

The number of animals being raised and slaughtered on a yearly basis in the US alone is now over 10 BILLIONS food animals that are being killed. Not to mention the "production" nonhuman animals that churn out their babies to keep the "assembly kill lines" stocked.

As for the dog and cat issue (adopt rather than buy) that is needed to happen, according to the HSUS, they "euthanize" around 5 millions cats and dogs in the US. Still very tragic, but the number is so small compared to the 10 billions and of those, the majority of the "food animals" that are slaughtered (poultry), don't even have the most minimal protection (under the Humane Slaughter Act). At least there is some protection for dogs and cats.

Nonhuman animals raised and killed for food suffer horribly in factory farms, where they are kept in cramped and narrowed space, most can't even move or turn around, and never feel the grass and sunlight, all their life. The ways their nature intended are never answered and after suffering all their life, they are killed in the most cruel ways imaginable.

Non human animals are not different than us and they deserve care and love just as us because they have the same emotions and feelings. They should be treated like the ways humanimals are treated. I hope one day the humanimals' views of nonhuman animals will change. They are not "just animals", they are "life".

It's very sad to see what cruelty people are capable of inflicting to another beings.

Unfortunately, even now in our "civilized" times, there is still a plenty of need for compassion.

Issue most people are obsessed to

If people are good to you, that is good, because good relationship and affection are important in our life. If people are bad to you, that is also good, because it can test your forgiveness, patience, love and stillness of your psyche.