09 March 2014

Not Spending Money is Not Self Control

They say we earn a lot of money to spend on things to answer our wants so that we are happy.
Eventhough we earn a lot of money, it doesn't make sense to spend on what we don't need.
Eventhough we earn a lot of money, our aim shouldn't be spending on what we don't need.
Because happiness doesn't depend on spending.
People who earn a lot of money say, "Then I won't have happiness, if I self-control myself like that."
But people on the opposite realm of life say, "Not spending eventhough you earn a lot is not about self control at all." Because their happiness doesn't depend on spending, they are happy when they don't spend, and they are sad when they spend with the much money they have. Because they find joy and happiness in realizing spending money unnecessarily costs a lot of burdens to the society and the environment. And because they find happiness and joy in other things that are not "things".

04 March 2014

Being Free or being Imprisoned in a Prison - You Choose

Which is better? You choose.

Being in a prison and not knowing you are in the (physical) prison. Suffering (psychologically) hysterically inside without knowing you are suffering...The suffering will only show up when things don't go your ways.

Being in the prison (mind prison) and fully realizing you are in the prison and so being free of it. However, you are imprisoned physically, so you suffer pain from being connected to everything but cannot break away and cannot liberate your fellow lives... But you in tune with the deeper realm of life, so you are joyous by having the purpose of doing something to liberate them, and with that realm of life, you can shake the thinking-too-much-of-others easily, so blissfulness is always with you.