06 October 2014

I've tried so many times to quit caffeine and this time I'm succeeding, and I'm sure I won't go back to it again, like some past times when I quit so many days and wasted them by going back. Caffeine stimulates your psyche. You cannot have peace if you take it. You body functions normally when you don't take any stimulant, and you can feel blissful in that state.

You have more patience, you are calmer, you see things differently when you are at peace with them, and you have great motivation to do daily tasks, while if you take it, you are motivated to do things in some time and feel utterly lazy at other times; when you are away from it completely, you can feel lively and alive ALL THE TIME, while if you have it, your heart beats fast and you feel "lively" during some hours, and then when you have it less or don't take it, you feel painfully sluggish. Also you have ability to deal with negative energy from things and people more.

Put in your body what's good and your mind will be clear, atop of refraining from taking full-of-choresteral-saturated-fat-hormones-bad-energy food. Yeah, I've believed lately that meat can cause spiritual downsides.

Caffeine asserts you the withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly stop taking it: I've had it quite many times: sluggishness, wanting to sleep all day, migraine - This indicates that caffeine is a drug. Any drug is bad for you, spiritually and physically, because you feel "good" for a some time, then when you don't have it, you are not happy, and want more of it. If you feel sleepy during the day, sleep and let your body rest, instead of stimulating yourself, but even you don't sleep, you still feel good! Try it and you will feel very happy.

Hunger for the taste of coffee and caffeinated tea? Think that other healthy drinks are just as tasty and think that the horrible negativities can't be accuses to have it anymore. Remind yourself that you are choosing peace or choosing to live in the world of pain for body and mind.

03 April 2014

To love is to be passionate

What is this word Love of which the meaning has been twisted forever?

It seems we never truly love someone eventhough we are intimated with someone physically, and also we never love other people or any living being.

Possession is not love. We cannot not possess anyone. The thinking that we can belong to someone is false. Nothing can be belonged to. They just exist there.

Love is not "seperative" between mine and yours (Does love mean loving one but not another?).

Love is not between two images, having images about someone. If it is so, we suffer when we loose someone because their images are no longer with us.

Love is not based on pleasures, if it is so, when we loose someone, we suffer because we instinctively feel that they no longer give pleasures to us.

Love being connected with the immeasurable energy, having mutual intense energy. Being connected with someone that way brings freedom from inner confinement and therefore generate the inner intense feeling of love that is cannot be described. It's a real freedom with no contamination of inner suffering and conflict.

Love is not possession, not seperative, not image-based and not based one pleasures, but rather a quality and energy of intense passion.

Also, love and compassion are the same. To love is to naturally care and to give without wanting anything for oneself.

When we love - and not the meaning of love that most people automatically feel or define - we are free and we are compassionate to all living beings. We can be with someone but we don't have to possess. We can have intimacy and at the same time love passionately.

09 March 2014

Not Spending Money is Not Self Control

They say we earn a lot of money to spend on things to answer our wants so that we are happy.
Eventhough we earn a lot of money, it doesn't make sense to spend on what we don't need.
Eventhough we earn a lot of money, our aim shouldn't be spending on what we don't need.
Because happiness doesn't depend on spending.
People who earn a lot of money say, "Then I won't have happiness, if I self-control myself like that."
But people on the opposite realm of life say, "Not spending eventhough you earn a lot is not about self control at all." Because their happiness doesn't depend on spending, they are happy when they don't spend, and they are sad when they spend with the much money they have. Because they find joy and happiness in realizing spending money unnecessarily costs a lot of burdens to the society and the environment. And because they find happiness and joy in other things that are not "things".

04 March 2014

Being Free or being Imprisoned in a Prison - You Choose

Which is better? You choose.

Being in a prison and not knowing you are in the (physical) prison. Suffering (psychologically) hysterically inside without knowing you are suffering...The suffering will only show up when things don't go your ways.

Being in the prison (mind prison) and fully realizing you are in the prison and so being free of it. However, you are imprisoned physically, so you suffer pain from being connected to everything but cannot break away and cannot liberate your fellow lives... But you in tune with the deeper realm of life, so you are joyous by having the purpose of doing something to liberate them, and with that realm of life, you can shake the thinking-too-much-of-others easily, so blissfulness is always with you.

26 February 2014

Doing things for selfish purpose and disregard the wider pictures

I am writing about doing things for ourselves (for selfish purpose) but disregard other lives (or disregard the wider pictures). I better start by giving you an example to make you understand more clearly. A friend said it's good you will find a trick to chase the dove trapper in front of your house away so that “you won't see the sad incident anymore”. Eventhough it is great and morally-just to chase them away, it seems just that people just do that to do not want to "see the sad incident". I'm not criticizing anyone, I'm just writing to express the philosophy behind it. It is like people would chase the dove trappers away because their "self" is disturbed, not because they feel compassionate for the living beings. Sadness when seeing that kind of incidents if coming from disturbed self is not compassion which frees your mind, but if that sadness comes from selfless love, then you are free from confinement of wanting to satisfy your "self".

Another example, besides not doing things for "self" like the above, is to have feeling for others without condition that they must satisfy you. For example, not wanting to live in some areas of a town. It's great to choose a nice area to live in but you don't disregard people who live in the bad parts of the town. Or take Hong Kong, I don't ever want to live in it but I don't want it to exist and I am feelingful for the people and animals who live in it too.

It's the same with not having children - People who don't have children because they can't afford to take care of them are out of touch. Opposite to people who won't ever procreate children for the benefits of the children themselves and the environment. It's the same with donating money to some social causes just to make yourself be comfortable that you have helped, rather than donating to the causes on which you have comprehensively did research and are aware with your real insight that they really solve the problems at their roots.

19 February 2014

Positive Cynicism

Some people call some people cynical because they don't know what cynicism really means. Being cynical doesn't mean it is not good for your inner being - Being cynical can be really healthy and peaceful because you know you are cynic because you are one with love, compassion and truth radically in your heart. Cynicism in this sense differs from cynicism of being grumpy and being against the world (negatively criticizing and looking at the things). It means viewing the things in a new meaning...For example, you see a person buying a plastic good...One person who is buying it thinks nothing but subsconciously there is a voice saying "It is for my convenience of life and I am satisfied". Nothing more than that. The other person who is in need of buying it thinks (conciously), "I am in need to use it, I am not buying it unnecessarily, and I am realizing that eventhough I am buying it I am not buying without realizing that where plastic comes from and what bad it does cause".

This is what I mean buy "blissful cynicism". It's a positive vibrating energy, not the cynicism of wanting to end one's life because the world is too miserable because of humans' evilish conducts. Unfortunately, most people view these people as unhappy and having self-control that stresses them, but in actuality, being aware that comes from love for living beings, the environment, society and the world is an extreme positive energy.

29 January 2014

Everything is Wrong

By "everything is wrong" I mean EVERYTHING. I look around me - I'm typing on a plastic and metal and glass computer perched on a desk made from cut down trees and toxic paint. I sit in a building made of wood and bricks that were taken from the earth on a street made of poisonous asphalt that was laid over an ecosystem that had thrived for hundreds of thousands of years. I'm clothed in cotton that was saturated with pesticides while it grew and treated and dyed with toxic chemicals while it was being processed. All of my possessions were made hundreds or thousands of miles away and shipped in styrofoam and plastic wrap via gas burning engines and destructive road and air ways to me. My food, although organically grown and completely vegan, is shipped from where it was grown to my local store and is often packaged in paper, plastic, metal, and toxic inks. I know tons of people that eat meat, smoke cigarettes, drive cars, use drugs, etc., even though they know that these things will ultimately hurt the quality (and length) of their lives. I live in an apartment building where no one is on a first name basis. I know more about idiot actors in hollywood that I've never met than I do about the woman who lives next door to me (and is probably more interesting). While walking to work I inhale toxic exhaust from cars sitting in traffic. To make sure that eating 3 cans of oven cleaner will make you sick, or to make sure that pouring nail polish remover into your eyes will hurt you, we torture mice, rabbits, dogs, cats, etc. We use toxic chlorine bleach to keep our underpants white. We cut down the rainforests to drill for oil so that we can drive to the video store. Do you see what I mean? Everything really is wrong. Even the back to nature people still drive cars and use products made from materials ripped out of the earth. People struggle all of their lives doing work that they hate just to be a functioning member of a system that is wasteful, destructive and unhealthy.

What I advocate is this a sensible, pragmatic, and non-destructive approach towards existence, we need to re-evaluate our practices. Just as it doesn't make sense to hire an elevator operator to run an automatic elevator it doesn't make sense for billions of people to drive to work alone in their cars. It doesn't make sense to consume animal products. It doesn't make sense to use pesticides on agricultural products. It doesn't make sense to derive power from nuclear, coal, and petroleum when we have solar, hydro, and wind power. It doesn't make sense to maintain destructive systems just because people earn their livings from them. It doesn't make sense to pour billions of tons of toxic chemicals onto our lawns so that they'll look pretty and green. I could go on but you're probably either bored or overwhelmed by now. I advocate change; massive, massive change.

Basically we should stop doing these things that are destructive to the environment, other creatures, and ourselves and figure out new ways of existing.
- Moby www.moby.com