21 February 2009

3 Reasons to Stop Smoking

1. The environmental toll of tobacco farming is high.
Tobacco cultivation leads to deforestation and requires extremely poisonous pesticides.

2. It is a silent killer.
Tobacco makes you more prone to pneumonia, Tuberculosis - virtually any respiratory
infection. It makes you more likely to get cancer. Not just cancers you'd expect, like lung
and throat, but all kinds of cancer. It makes you more likely to get heart disease, the
primary killer of the developed world, and more susceptible to the often-deadly respiratory
infections of the developing world.

3. It tortures non-human beings.
Although health officials have known for decades that cigarette smoking leads to lung
cancer, emphysema, and other diseases, the tobacco industry, in a desperate bid to find
evidence to the contrary, still conducts painful experiments on dogs, cats, monkeys,
rabbits, chickens, rats, mice, and other non-humans animals.

At this very moment, pregnant monkeys's fetuses are exposed to nicotine, beagles' throats
are cut into holes and they are forced to breathe concentrated cigarette smoke for a year,
Dogs' penises are inserted with electrodes to measure the effect of cigarette smoke on
sexual performance, masks are trapped to the faces of rats and monkeys and permanently
restrain them to force them to breathe cigarette smoke constantly, dogs are forced to be
on mechanical ventilators and chronically exposed to cigarette smoke, rhesus monkeys are
restrained in chairs with head devices and exposing them to nicotine and caffeine to
determine how caffeine and nicotine affect breathing.

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