13 April 2009

Likes and Don't Likes about Melbourne & Victoria


1. Clean and neat. Completely opposite to Bangkok in every aspect of cleanliness. For example, no merchant pouring dirty water from cooking on the streetsides. And that's the only example.

2. Not much pollution, fume, black smoke, horrible smell from cars, dust.

3. Big parks all over with big trees where humans and non-humans are so happy. But, no, they are not only happy in parks, they are happy almost everywhere, almost all over the state.

4. Vegan food - Yes, vegan food everywhere. Yes, and many vegan, organic and fair trade shops. Every town in the countrysides I went to, there are vegan, organic and natural product shops. Many restaurants have vegan menus. And.... vegan bakery - You don't know how good it is. There's this shop I found that ALL bakeries are Organic Vegan and has organic vegan soymilk coffee. What's so bad about spoiling myself once in a while?

5. No traffic jam (there may be some in peak periods, but Bangkok is terrible, TERRIBLE! - you can get stuck in traffic for an hour, hours, hourss....)

5. Sea Shepherd is here. I love what they do and their ethics.

6. Animal welfare here is so much respected.

7. There're many social causes that I like.

8. Whereever I go it's clean and beautiful. Whether in the CITY, suburbs and the countrysides. Pretty houses, thick trees line up everywhere, forests next to streets like Ferntree Gully National Park I went to. It's right next to the street and it was so so so beautiful forest. I was hiking up steep hills..so much pleasure, fun and exercise.

8. The train system is excellent comparing to the State Railway train system in Thailand - you know what I mean. There are even clean toilets in the train stations and on the trains.

Don't Likes

1. No train from the airport.

2. You have to wait for the trains according to the schedules, unlike the Sky Train and Subway systems in Bangkok - you wait only for no longer than 5 minutes for each train.

Getting a job and living here would be great, hey? Not so high cost of living here too, comparing to other western countries, and with the great quality of living and with most things I love there...it's undenialably the place to spend my life.

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