18 February 2012

Transcend you consciousness into love, and nothing but love

In the new style of yoga class (named Transcendas) I took on Thursday, 9 Feb 2012 with Shane, with integration of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) into yoga, I learned about the qualities I wanted to bring into and take out of my life. Shane asked to to choose one quality from The Four Perfect Virtues of Buddhism that we would like to bring into our life:
Metta - Learning to be your best friend and then also learning to be a friend to others.
Karuna - Compassion or seeing suffering in yourself and seeing suffering in others, and doing something to overcome your own suffering and the suffering of others.
Mudita - Being happy when you see others happy.
Upekkha - Having an equanimous and non-reactive mind - being equally non-reactive to ups and downs of life.

I chose Karuna - because I wanted to make my life to be of service to all lives Better. My current ways of living, though better than some others, are not good enough. So I spoke the word compassion in my mind while doing yoga poses that resembled bringing good energy into myself.

Shane also asked us to have in our minds a quality that we would like to discard from our lives/transform. In the actual class, I chose jealousy (like people with more beauty, haha), but I realize now that I want to choose "Minding others' bad treatment to me." Not that I can't retain my mind's stability when facing people saying bad to me, but sometimes I can't help feeling bad, though not too much.

And I want to transform bad treatment by others into Upekkha and love - into thinking that I might act wrongly, so I should improve; that I would never treat the same to anyone; and that everyone makes mistakes - Why do you expect humans with worldly nature to be perfect? It's not about forgiving - forgiving means you hate others which must happen before you forgive them, but understanding and working towards changing inner beings of all.

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