31 May 2013

Coffee is a drug - a DRUG!

I'm going to seriously quit coffee, tea and even chocolate after reading this after I've failed countless times - http://www.wholevegan.com/coffee.html. Many of the symptoms in this article are true as they occurred to myself. I had headache several times (on the next day when I stopped coffee after many days of having  coffee) and one time it was the worst of the worst feeling like my head was fracturing and exploding, I had to took a leave from work.

Coffee is an addictive drug and makes you crave it for more once you drink it. And when you refrain from it, you get withdrawal (a drug-addict's bloody flux) symptoms. Any drug I believe is harmful to our body and mind. 

Coffee is actually not a substance that truly helps you recover from fatigue. Instead, it fools your mind and sense that it is not tired by over-stimulation. It doesn't do anything to help recover fatigue. As a result, the body takes toll of not resting when the person is supposed to, and if continued, lead to inevitable Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Fatigue is a built-in alarm system for body to let you know your body is ticking over too much and recharge is needed. Thus it is only right to eliminate the cause of fatiguenot to turn off the signal. The causes of fatigue? People are tired because of their nutrition, kinds of activity done, level of stress, time rested and slept.

 Strike at the real causes, not indulge in the harms of coffee, tea and chocolate.

Read this through and maybe it will inspire you as well: Coffee…What does it do to our body?http://www.wholevegan.com/coffee.html

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