27 December 2013

That deep connection with no lovely someone

I was thinking, "What If..."What if a human being knows how to connect with lives around but can never meet the other human they are deeply-connected to be with? Talking everyday about the world we live in, having hugs with deep love connection, waking up everyday and find them by your side knowing Real love is flowering everyday. How about we compare us to other animals (Note: We are animals too - There are "human" and "nonhuman" animals).

Animals are jealous but we don't have to be jealous. Animals are cruel to each others but we don't have to be cruel. Animals are sexual but we don't have to be sexual (we are more sexual than them but we can be less or not at all - not at all means being sexually with no true meaning - Wait! I'm not meaning you have to be against sex. Sex can be a channel of pleasurable release if done without lust, and more importantly if you have sex with deep real love, you are free). These are a few examples of the comparison.

The point of comparison is this question...What are the things that human animal has that nonhuman animal doesn't have? I'm sure it's non-insecurity and deep-love connection to all lives.

So, to reflect my first paragraph, if we already have deep connection, do we have to attach to some particular one our whole life? My answer would be it is Wonderful to be with someone that we deeply connect with. However, it must be real "deep connection" (no false attachment because that is not deep connection which is love).

But if we can never ever be with that someone? Should we be in sorrow? I would be sad myself but if that deep connection is only physical touch that happens with spiritual love, then spiritually connecting with other people without the touch is the same. And being in in tune and having the same energy with the people who share your view of life with is one of the best presents you can ever have. I'm sure most of us are still sad without that true connection with someone particular, I am myself. But there is always the brighter side if you are in love with life and inner connection you have with all lives, especially if you have friends you have common spiritual views with. Look within.

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