15 June 2016

A tribute to all the cockroaches in the world

Cockroaches...people are disgusted of them, hate them and kill them painfully to be dead slow agonizing death by those synthetic poisons. No one cares even when they are looking at their slow agonizing death.

This blog is especially for them.

Cockroach is an animal. We are all animals. All animals are the same. Cockroach is not a "low-life" animal but a life just like every life. They have their own circle of living and their own needs. They are unfortunate that they are in this human world where they live on humans' garbage and waste. But we should treat them fairly.

There is an easy way I can think of to prevent cockroaches from infesting in your house:
Keep your houses clean and keep your kitchen clean. Don't leave food scraps overnight in your kitchen and in garbage bins.

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