31 August 2008

We need to Defeat Sarah Palin!

I need to spread this commentary out for the sake of peace in the world.

Please read. It's very important.

Politics is politics. Those who are truly good are not of people's interest.

And those with good "policies" or "images" seem to build their images only.


Forget John McCain
We need to Defeat Sarah Palin!

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

I have to admit that the up-coming election had not gotten me very excited. I have not been worshipping at the alter of the Obamassiah. The American elections always leave me feeling nauseated over a choice between a Republicrat and a Demopublican. I'm a Ralph Nader or Dennis Kucinich supporter, men who don't have a chance of getting elected because they actually stand for something.

And after the broken promises of Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett in Australia I am pretty damn cynical about politicians in general.

But now John McCain has done something that has really pissed me off.

In the strangest vice-presidential choice since Dan Quayle, McCain has selected a polar bear killing, wolf slaughtering, anti abortionist, gun-toting, moose burger eating, advocate of oil drilling and natural resource destruction extreme right winger named Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska.

This choice could not be more bizarre than if he had selected Michael Palin. At least we could have had some laughs.

Forget John McCain, we've got to make sure that Sarah Palin does not get within the heartbeat of the Presidency.

I honestly have not seen much difference on policy between Barack Obama and John McCain. They both intend to withdraw from Iraq "responsibly" which is political speak for a prolonged withdrawal. They both want to continue the so called war on terror. They both want to escalate the war in Afghanistan. They both want to drill offshore and in Alaska. They both want to build nuclear power plants. They both display very little substance in their speeches. They both seem ready to engage the Russians in another cold war.

But today, John McCain made a decision that amounts to an open declaration of war upon the environment and wildlife.

This 44 year old former Alaskan beauty queen makes George Bush look like a liberal. This mother of five certainly does not see population growth as a serious issue and as a card carrying member of the National Rifle Association she intends to train her brood to be killers like her husband and herself.

Her husband's favorite sport is running dogs to death pulling his ass across the tundra.

"She stands up for what's right and she doesn't let anyone tell her to sit down," John McCain has said.

Well if you consider gunning down wolves from aircraft, trophy hunting bears, running dogs to death on the trail, shooting defenseless animals, despoiling the wilderness, over-populating the planet and ignoring global warming as being right, then I guess she is the woman to vote for.

"She's fought oil companies and party bosses and do-nothing bureaucrats, and anyone who puts their interests before the people of whom she swore an oath to serve." Said McCain.

Right! She fought the oil companies, not to save the planet, but for more tax revenue for Alaska. If the corporations and Republican dinosaurs love her, she is no threat to the oilicratic ogliarchy that rules the United States.

John McCain has criticized Barack Obama for his lack of experience in foreign policy yet what kind of foreign policy experience does this woman have. She was mayor of an Alaskan town with only 9,000 people and has been a first term governor for less than two years. But she was once the beauty queen for her little town of Wasilla and she placed second in the Miss Alaska contest back in the Eighties.

Like Dan Quayle before her she is just another relatively young pretty face to offset the fact that John McCain is the oldest person in history to run for the presidency of the United States.

This small town hottie is not going to pull votes from Hillary Clinton supporters who for the most part value substance over the fact that she is a woman.

Palin's husband Todd is 43, and a former commercial fisherman who now works in the oil fields of Alaska. He spends his time racing snow mobiles and dog sleds. He likes guns.

And she is fanatical in her stance of defending gun ownership and promoting development of the oil and gas reserves in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

She even makes Bush look like a staunch environmentalist for opposing the Bush administration's decision in May to list the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act because global warming is melting the polar ice cap. Palin said the decision could damage the economy.

We don't want to damage the business of trophy hunting bears to save them!

She IS the NRA!

She is also such an irresponsible "pro-life" campaigner that she knowingly gave birth in April 2008 to a boy that had tested positive for Downs Syndrome. Not only did she bring this unfortunate child into the world, she now does not have the time to care for him, being Governor and now Vice Presidential Nominee and all.

This woman who says she is a foe of political corruption is presently under investigation in Alsaka by state lawmakers for firing a public safety commissioner who refused to fire a state trooper at her request. The trooper just happened to be her former brother-in-law.

McCain is gamboling on taking the votes of women and younger people with her on the ticket and considering his age, this inexperienced fanatical right winger could become the first female President of the United States.

We can't let this happen.

If we have any hope of dealing with global warming, this woman is not going to help provide it. She will support the dismantling of the endangered species act, the marine mammal protection act and environmental legislation that we have worked hard for decades to place into law.

She will support the placement of anti-abortion judges on the Supreme Court and will encourage population growth and consumerism.

We cannot allow her to become the next potential President of the United States.

Senator Barack Obama and Vice President nominee Senator Joe Biden must be elected if we have any hope at all of protecting the natural heritage of this nation and of ending the insane foreign wars initiated by George W. Bush.

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