28 September 2008

Wake up and vote OBAMA for PRESIDENT!

Juniper R. from Care2.com said:

THIS is what gives me nightmares-the way she treats the environment and nature with absolute IGNORANCE and INDIFFERENCE. Mercury in your fish? Sarah adds more- "The Miami Herald reported: The Alaska governor has said that she has tried to persuade McCain to agree with her on drilling in the wildlife refuge. She also has said that she was happy that he changed his position over the summer and now supports offshore oil drilling." So McCain will let her make the decisions? GREAAAT! I'm putting the blame on her for Global Warming. "Palin said, "Let me take my governor's hat off just for a minute here and tell you, personally, Prop. 4 -- I vote no on that." And what is that? A state initiative that would have banned metal mines from discharging pollution into salmon streams. She also approved legislation that let oil and gas companies nearly triple the amount of toxic waste they can dump into Cook Inlet, an important fishery. It looks like being an avid outdoorsperson doesn't mean Palin really has the health of watersheds, natural resources or our environment at heart."

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