26 February 2014

Doing things for selfish purpose and disregard the wider pictures

I am writing about doing things for ourselves (for selfish purpose) but disregard other lives (or disregard the wider pictures). I better start by giving you an example to make you understand more clearly. A friend said it's good you will find a trick to chase the dove trapper in front of your house away so that “you won't see the sad incident anymore”. Eventhough it is great and morally-just to chase them away, it seems just that people just do that to do not want to "see the sad incident". I'm not criticizing anyone, I'm just writing to express the philosophy behind it. It is like people would chase the dove trappers away because their "self" is disturbed, not because they feel compassionate for the living beings. Sadness when seeing that kind of incidents if coming from disturbed self is not compassion which frees your mind, but if that sadness comes from selfless love, then you are free from confinement of wanting to satisfy your "self".

Another example, besides not doing things for "self" like the above, is to have feeling for others without condition that they must satisfy you. For example, not wanting to live in some areas of a town. It's great to choose a nice area to live in but you don't disregard people who live in the bad parts of the town. Or take Hong Kong, I don't ever want to live in it but I don't want it to exist and I am feelingful for the people and animals who live in it too.

It's the same with not having children - People who don't have children because they can't afford to take care of them are out of touch. Opposite to people who won't ever procreate children for the benefits of the children themselves and the environment. It's the same with donating money to some social causes just to make yourself be comfortable that you have helped, rather than donating to the causes on which you have comprehensively did research and are aware with your real insight that they really solve the problems at their roots.

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