19 February 2014

Positive Cynicism

Some people call some people cynical because they don't know what cynicism really means. Being cynical doesn't mean it is not good for your inner being - Being cynical can be really healthy and peaceful because you know you are cynic because you are one with love, compassion and truth radically in your heart. Cynicism in this sense differs from cynicism of being grumpy and being against the world (negatively criticizing and looking at the things). It means viewing the things in a new meaning...For example, you see a person buying a plastic good...One person who is buying it thinks nothing but subsconciously there is a voice saying "It is for my convenience of life and I am satisfied". Nothing more than that. The other person who is in need of buying it thinks (conciously), "I am in need to use it, I am not buying it unnecessarily, and I am realizing that eventhough I am buying it I am not buying without realizing that where plastic comes from and what bad it does cause".

This is what I mean buy "blissful cynicism". It's a positive vibrating energy, not the cynicism of wanting to end one's life because the world is too miserable because of humans' evilish conducts. Unfortunately, most people view these people as unhappy and having self-control that stresses them, but in actuality, being aware that comes from love for living beings, the environment, society and the world is an extreme positive energy.

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