03 April 2014

To love is to be passionate

What is this word Love of which the meaning has been twisted forever?

It seems we never truly love someone eventhough we are intimated with someone physically, and also we never love other people or any living being.

Possession is not love. We cannot not possess anyone. The thinking that we can belong to someone is false. Nothing can be belonged to. They just exist there.

Love is not "seperative" between mine and yours (Does love mean loving one but not another?).

Love is not between two images, having images about someone. If it is so, we suffer when we loose someone because their images are no longer with us.

Love is not based on pleasures, if it is so, when we loose someone, we suffer because we instinctively feel that they no longer give pleasures to us.

Love being connected with the immeasurable energy, having mutual intense energy. Being connected with someone that way brings freedom from inner confinement and therefore generate the inner intense feeling of love that is cannot be described. It's a real freedom with no contamination of inner suffering and conflict.

Love is not possession, not seperative, not image-based and not based one pleasures, but rather a quality and energy of intense passion.

Also, love and compassion are the same. To love is to naturally care and to give without wanting anything for oneself.

When we love - and not the meaning of love that most people automatically feel or define - we are free and we are compassionate to all living beings. We can be with someone but we don't have to possess. We can have intimacy and at the same time love passionately.

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