06 October 2014

I've tried so many times to quit caffeine and this time I'm succeeding, and I'm sure I won't go back to it again, like some past times when I quit so many days and wasted them by going back. Caffeine stimulates your psyche. You cannot have peace if you take it. You body functions normally when you don't take any stimulant, and you can feel blissful in that state.

You have more patience, you are calmer, you see things differently when you are at peace with them, and you have great motivation to do daily tasks, while if you take it, you are motivated to do things in some time and feel utterly lazy at other times; when you are away from it completely, you can feel lively and alive ALL THE TIME, while if you have it, your heart beats fast and you feel "lively" during some hours, and then when you have it less or don't take it, you feel painfully sluggish. Also you have ability to deal with negative energy from things and people more.

Put in your body what's good and your mind will be clear, atop of refraining from taking full-of-choresteral-saturated-fat-hormones-bad-energy food. Yeah, I've believed lately that meat can cause spiritual downsides.

Caffeine asserts you the withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly stop taking it: I've had it quite many times: sluggishness, wanting to sleep all day, migraine - This indicates that caffeine is a drug. Any drug is bad for you, spiritually and physically, because you feel "good" for a some time, then when you don't have it, you are not happy, and want more of it. If you feel sleepy during the day, sleep and let your body rest, instead of stimulating yourself, but even you don't sleep, you still feel good! Try it and you will feel very happy.

Hunger for the taste of coffee and caffeinated tea? Think that other healthy drinks are just as tasty and think that the horrible negativities can't be accuses to have it anymore. Remind yourself that you are choosing peace or choosing to live in the world of pain for body and mind.

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