10 April 2015

"Choose life" (that has already been born)

I saw a t-shirt a woman was wearing on the street. It says "Choose life". For most people in all societies their brains have been conditioned in thinking along the same pattern of thought.

Choosing life is a great thing when it means caring for all lives that already exist. Life needs good nourishments and love. Choosing life is a bad thing if it means we favor procreating a new human life. I now may start to sound arrogant but real arrogance is procreating a new life. Overpopulation is one of the main causes of many problems, along with over-consumption. 200 species are extinct per day because there are no lands enough for them. Forest lands have been being clearcut for agriculture and neighborhoods, which in turn create health and environmental problems for humans. Orphans need loving homes too, so if we crave for motherhood, we can adopt. Bringing more people into living in this filthy environment and full of ambitious activities your child needs to keep up with is selfish.

Some people call childfree people selfish but in fact many childfree people are thinkers and spiritualists; they rationalize enough about the states of the world and they have enough love for all lives.

Caring for all lives that already exist certainly brings about true happiness. There are so many humans and nonhumans in need of love from us. Adding more humans into the earth only further the problems. There is no one good aspect derived from it.

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